Legends of Terrum

Peace Talks

Shortly after Prince Dreonis had been crowned by the Castle Dragonstone, The Party joined the Crown Prince on his return to Krast for his official ceremony. However, upon their arrival at the Capitol of Men, the group was met with news of the Northern provinces mobilizing for war, a war which threatened everything the Crown Prince had worked towards. And so, before he could gain his official title as the King of Men, Prince Dreonis set off with his personal guard and the four PCs to the fortress of Trelleborg to oversee negotiations for peace between the two factions. The Party spent some time the night before the great discussion learning the different perspectives the kingdom’s nobility held, in addition to keeping notes on those who could pose the most trouble. The primary voice for the Northern party was a man named Hrogvir, leader of House Bara. Lord Hrogvir was a strong and capable leader, prepared for the worst, but also willing to avoid hostilities. His brother, Valdar, however was raring for a war to begin. House Bara had an uneasy history with House Hyra, the latter of which had won lands from the former in a war some 200 years past. As tensions between factions grew stronger, and the North grew more and more displeased with the South, House Bara began pushing harder to regain the lost territory. In the ensuing negotiations, Lord Hrogvir demanded that House Hyra return the land. Crown Prince Dreonis suggested that instead of staying bitter over a centuries old dispute, House Bara instead accept monetary compensation for any bad blood. In addition, though it pained him to do so, the Crown Prince allowed the Northern faction to separate from the Southern kingdom. With this, the peace talks were over and the nobles settled down to another night of feasting. Late that night, however, an unknown being murdered Hrogvir Bara. Upon discovering this, Valdar, now the Lord of Bara, immediately declared war on the South, and set his forces on the war path. The main body of his army set course south, to the Capitol of Men, while a smaller force remained behind to besiege and capture the fortress. Such a schism pained young Moltok Volk, so with heavy hearts he and the dwarven representatives retreated to their homelands in the hills to weather the coming storm. Now, what remains of the party stays behind to defend the fortress and the Crown Prince against the wrath of the North.



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