Owner of the Laughing Dragon Inn


Brii is a bard who lives in and runs the Laughing Dragon Inn. A happy-go-lucky woman, she almost always has a smile on her face. She is also a tad sassy, and won’t hesitate to mock someone. However, there is something about her that seems a bit off to most people, both her customers and her friends. She definitely appears human, but often speaks in Draconic, or talks about being significantly older than those around her. But when asked about her habits or past, her demeanor cracks, if only for a second. Though she usually returns to her bright cheerful self shortly after.


Nobody knows anything about her past, save for a few choice individuals, who have sworn to keep her secret. And after her first inn in Krast was destroyed by a dwarven barbarian chasing a warforged, she went on a quest with a few other adventurers to gain the funds to rebuild her livelihood. Towards the end of that journey, she used her bardic talents to soothe and tame a hydra, which she now keeps as a pet inside a special bag of holding meant for massive creatures.


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