Adventure on a Grand Scale

Few times before has anything of this magnitude been attempted by any group of people: to travel the whole of Terrum. Fewer times still has the whole of the world been in danger of utter annihilation. And of course, there was never really a plan to go on the adventure in the first place. It all just kind of happened, as most grand adventures are wont to do. So now, as is the norm, the whole land of Terrum is in danger of death by a mysterious figure with mysterious origins, only a small group of heroes has the courage, ability, or knowledge to stop it, and none of the party woke up the morning of thinking “wouldn’t it be great to go on a massive adventure across the whole of the world so that we could nearly die saving it, get rewarded by the gods, and go down in history as generally awesome?” Since all of these facts fall into place at the same time, and occur to each of the heroes, this is obviously a great adventure on a grand scale. Now, it only remains to see if those heroes can follow through on their task…

Legends of Terrum

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