Legends of Terrum

Peace Talks

Shortly after Prince Dreonis had been crowned by the Castle Dragonstone, The Party joined the Crown Prince on his return to Krast for his official ceremony. However, upon their arrival at the Capitol of Men, the group was met with news of the Northern provinces mobilizing for war, a war which threatened everything the Crown Prince had worked towards. And so, before he could gain his official title as the King of Men, Prince Dreonis set off with his personal guard and the four PCs to the fortress of Trelleborg to oversee negotiations for peace between the two factions. The Party spent some time the night before the great discussion learning the different perspectives the kingdom’s nobility held, in addition to keeping notes on those who could pose the most trouble. The primary voice for the Northern party was a man named Hrogvir, leader of House Bara. Lord Hrogvir was a strong and capable leader, prepared for the worst, but also willing to avoid hostilities. His brother, Valdar, however was raring for a war to begin. House Bara had an uneasy history with House Hyra, the latter of which had won lands from the former in a war some 200 years past. As tensions between factions grew stronger, and the North grew more and more displeased with the South, House Bara began pushing harder to regain the lost territory. In the ensuing negotiations, Lord Hrogvir demanded that House Hyra return the land. Crown Prince Dreonis suggested that instead of staying bitter over a centuries old dispute, House Bara instead accept monetary compensation for any bad blood. In addition, though it pained him to do so, the Crown Prince allowed the Northern faction to separate from the Southern kingdom. With this, the peace talks were over and the nobles settled down to another night of feasting. Late that night, however, an unknown being murdered Hrogvir Bara. Upon discovering this, Valdar, now the Lord of Bara, immediately declared war on the South, and set his forces on the war path. The main body of his army set course south, to the Capitol of Men, while a smaller force remained behind to besiege and capture the fortress. Such a schism pained young Moltok Volk, so with heavy hearts he and the dwarven representatives retreated to their homelands in the hills to weather the coming storm. Now, what remains of the party stays behind to defend the fortress and the Crown Prince against the wrath of the North.

Arrival by Tunnel
A Dwarf's Tale

Moltok Volk was the Twelfth son of the dwarven lord of the Hillbark Mountains. Always an odd soul he pursued the path of the Úlfhéðnar, A berserker. Warriors without equal he trained to endure pain beyond that of even a dwarf’s legendary constitution as well as ferocity greater than a Gedag Cave Bear.

Once his training was complete his father granted him one of the great weapons of their household, the warhammer Thruma. With this and a signet ring identifying him as a member of their house he was let out to explore the world.

Among the first of his quests as an adventurer was to explore the old dwarf catacombs near Krast. During the exploration of one particular tomb near Kingsholm he was shocked a great rumbling began beneath him. Fearing a cave in he tried to flee but the floor collapsed below his own feet.

He fell deeper into the tomb and landed amongst a group of fellow adventurers. Though they were slow to accept him at first, his skill in combat was unmatched and so together they pressed forward into the tomb. Ready to face whatever evils lurked there.

The Tomb of the Forgotten King
The Departure of Rivells

The Party made their way deeper into the tomb taking on many challenges as they went. From a giant undead bat to a Labyrinth bound Minotaur. At the Maze’s end they found an injured man. A member of the Ebon Crows. After tending to his wounds he gave them information on the proceedings of the hobgoblin’s employers and then agreed to accompany them and face the challenges before them.

But in the first sign of danger presented by a dragon construct he fled. Yet his fear was misplaced as they slew the constructs and proceeded into the tomb. There they slew the last remnants of the hobgoblins, ending the threat of the foul creatures.

As they set forth though they met an old foe returned. At the edge of a chasm filled with inky darkness Vedfelmaar emerged. Reborn as an undead horror the Dragon set itself upon them with claw and foul breath. Though the fight was perilous eventually they prevailed. As Rivells took upon himself the visage of a wolf and leap upon the undead dragon. As they battled with tooth and claw the rest of the party struck the Dragons limbs which held it to the cliffside. It released its grip and together Rivells and Vedfelmaar fell into the darkness.

The Tomb Opens

Promptly they left for Kingsholm after restocking for a journey and selling the remains of Vedfelmaar.

Upon arriving they met with the town’s mayor Ian Turbrand and after some haggling for a reward set off to the nearby tomb where the disappearances had taken place.

At first they found little but some wolves gnawing on some fresh corpses. But upon entering the mausoleum they found evidence of foul necromancy and a commoner trapped by a party of marauders. She explained that a group of Hobgoblins lead by a pair of robed figures had trapped her in the mausoleum and then entered the greater tomb complex.

After bringing her back to the town and explaining the situation to the mayor they then returned to the tomb intent on delving deeper and stopping whatever nefarious deed the hobgoblins had in store. After opening the entrance to the old tomb they encountered a series of Hobgoblin Captains.

Though they seemed to have some unfinished business with Rivalls the party had little time to dwell on this as they soon came to blows with the Hobgoblin’s leader a Necromancer named Krootad. They bested him and his undead monstrosities with the reluctant help of a wererat named Garjuk. Though the wererat was helpful after some coercion he wasted no time in doubling back to the tomb entrance when their backs were turned.

They did not pursue him however, as Krootad had relieved with his dying breath that his employers were still in the tomb and pushing ahead into the complex.

The Party is Formed

Fate conspired to bring four souls together at the docks of Krast. Jamerian Kingson, son of the King of the Feywood. Garrison, the Warforged blade for hire. Treble Krosis, one of Tempus’ Shadows of Death. And Rivells… well there’s a lot one can say about Rivells.

Once together these brave… er… well not quite heroes per se what with Rivells being with them. Let’s just call them heroes, for lack of a more accurate term. Together these heroes were taken before the lord of the city and sentenced to a trial by ordeal. Together they were to cleanse the sewers of Krast of the Kobold menace that infested it.

Within the depths of Krast’s underbelly they discovered the Kobolds were commanded by a sinister black dragon named Vedfelmaar. Their battle was fierce but eventually the heroes prevailed as the Shadow struck down the mighty beast with a tenebrous spike.

With the dragon slain a search of its lair revealed treachery of the highest order. The Lord of the City, Count Anguis had conspired with the dragon and was searching for something. A “Tomb of the Forgotten King.”

With Evidence in hand they returned to the castle, only to be waylayed by the Captain of the City Guard, Captain Janus Ferrum. He escorted them to his office where he used a magic scroll to protect them from eavesdroppers. Once suitably private they spoke of the treachery of Anguis and turned the evidence over to the good captain. Captain Ferrum in turn hired pardoned them of their crimes and hired them on as his agents. Their first assignment, investigate a series of disappearances in a nearby sleepy town named Kingsholm…

Arrival by Sea
Jamerian's Tale

A vision. That is what drew him to this place. Long had he served Lorien but never had he been blessed with a vision. Though many of the other clergy had been blessed to received visions his mind’s eye remained blind. Until now. A night ago he Jamerian Kingson third in line for the Throne of The Feywood received great and terrible vision. He saw as though present the Death of the King of Men at the hands of an Orc warlord within the Palace at Krast. As the king drew his last breath a dragon baleful black in hide with flesh hanging in foul heaps exposing its bare bones taking flight from the Reachwaste in the North. In its wake a foul shadow rolled over the land and black fires burned in the lands of men. Finally as the dragon closed in on the capitol he could see it carried something upon its back a dark figure in jagged black armor with eyes of burning crimson. As it drew closer with ever greater speed he realized that it was flying right at him. He quickly glance to either side and saw he stood atop the brink of the walls of Krast accompanied by a ragged looking man in a cloak fashioned from a wolf’s pelt, a Tiefling cloaked in a hood as dark as night’s shadow and finally what appeared to be a man built of steel, glowing softly from beneath the plates of his armor. Finally he turned back to the Dragon as it let out a roar accompanied by a jet of flame as dark as death itself. As the fire engulfed him everything faded to black save the image of three humans clad in armor marked with the sigil of a Dragon. On the left was the king dead in the start of his vision, in the center a younger man with features similar to the first, on the right was a far older man, also crowned, holding a jet black sword which glowed with a light like dragons’ fire, not the sickly black flame of earlier but red and white. This image too faded till he was left with darkness once again till a ship crested the wave of darkness with Krast in the distance himself at the bow. He then awoke within his bed in the Temple and knew what must be done. He spoke with the head priest about it and so received a few necessary things for a long journey and booked passage to the capitol of The Kingdom of Men. And now here he was at docks of that same city waiting for who he knew would be here in just a short while. A Tiefling, a Warforged and a ragged looking Man.


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